Sunchokes are in season again!


Need some inspiration for how to cook them? Our happy customers sent in some photos of their creations from last year’s harvest!

Megan and David sautéed the sunchokes with other veggies and made a delicious vegan tart!

Megan and David's sunchokes tart

Penelope made a purée and some chips to go with her halibut and spot prawn!


Please send us your creations! We’d love to share them!


Bottle Gourd




What can be said about bottle gourd, this fantastically-shaped fruit of the vine calabash? Apparently, this is the same vegetable used to make water bottles back in the pre-fabricated-bottles days.  Hashtag truth!  I do not kid.  The snowman-shaped fruit of the vine can be harvested young and eaten as a vegetable or left to dry, then hollowed to store your water. Useful!  Read the wiki here.

Alas, we only have the fresh, young, yummy versions available. 

$10 each

Fuzzy Melon (Mo Qua)


A delicately sweet organic melon…once you get past all the fuzz!  Definitely worth the effort though! Fuzzy melon is good for clear, refreshing summer soups as well as stir fries when cut up into strips.

Here is a bit more about this versatile fuzzy wonder.


Please leave us a comment and share your recipe ideas

Sugar Snap Peas

sugar snap peas

Just as sweet cooked or raw, sugar snap peas are in season!

1/2 lb bags for $3

If you prefer to cook your sugar snap peas, they are also easy to prepare with just a quick stir in the pan with some oil, salt, and pepper. For the more adventurous, here are five ways to eat your peas.


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